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3D Lace Trimmings. Beaded Lace Trimmings. Broderie Anglaise Lace Trimmings. Chantilly Lace Trimmings. Cluny Lace Trimmings. Corded Satin Lace Trimmings. Embroidery Lace Trimmings. Gathered Lace Trimmings. Guipure Flower Lace Trimmings. Guipure Lace Trimmings. Hand Dyed Lace Trimmings. Leavers Lace Trimmings.
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Sullivans Lace Polyester Nylon, White /. Sullivans Cambric Lace, Green 100 mm. Sullivans Lace Nylon Frilled, Red With Beads. Sullivans Lace Nylon Insertion, White 20 mm. Sullivans Lace Nylon Frilled, Peach 60 mm. Sullivans Lace Nylon Frilled, Pink 60 mm.
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However, lace did not come into widespread use until the 16th century in the northwestern part of the European continent. 11 The popularity of lace increased rapidly and the cottage industry of lace making spread throughout Europe.The late 16th century marked the rapid development of lace, both needle lace and bobbin lace became dominant in both fashion as well as home d├ęcor.
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Binoche Beaded Ivory Lace Trim. 262.00 per metre. Monica Beaded Lace Trim. 126.00 per metre. Luella Beaded Lace Trim. 152.00 per metre. 329.00 per metre. Billi's' Royal Lace. 19.50 a panel. Nikki's' Sky Lace. 19.50 a panel. Leah's' Lace Ebony.

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